The Breast Cancer Monologues is a one-hour collage of women's stories produced by Dmae Roberts and the Breast Cancer Radio Arts Project and intricately woven from interviews, readings and dramatizations about how breast cancer has affected the lives of women in America.

Program Description:
One in eight women in this country will develop breast cancer within a life expectancy of 85 years. Only 5-10 percent of breast cancers are linked to genetic history, yet there is little research as to the cause and the treatment can be as deadly as the disease. Breast cancer is still misunderstood and often a taboo subject even among women because of the fear and lack of researched information surrounding it.

Yet, most everyone in America knows someone who has struggled or is struggling with this disease. The Breast Cancer Monologues address the myths and misunderstandings while giving voice to the women who know first-hand the effects of breast cancer.

Streaming Audio - Hear the promo from the Breast Cancer Monologues

Streaming Audio - Hear 'My Body, My Temple' from the Breast Cancer Monologues

Original Music was composed and performed by Maria de los Angeles Esteves
Master Engineer was Clark Salisbury. CD and online Graphics by Ping Khaw-Sutherland. Readings were performed by Caren Graham, Elaine Low and Olga Sanchez.

Interviews and writings by Jan Baross, Rita McDonagh, Hilda Bengston, Dawn Cottrell, Majorie Holland, Barbara Strasburger, Leslie Lischka, Teena Rodriguez, Tai Brown, Clara Welsch, Maria Pascu, Caroline Acuna-Guilartes, Monica Benson-Barros, Suzanne, Elizabeth, Joy, Michelle, Caroline, Monica, Jeannette, Nancy and Mira.

For more information about this project log onto the Breast Cancer Radio Arts Project.


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