Dmae Roberts, Executive Producer
is an award-winning independent radio artist and writer who has written and produced more than 400 audio art pieces and documentaries for NPR and PRI programs. Her work is often autobiographical or about cross-cultural peoples and is informed by her biracial identity.  Her Peabody award-winning documentary Mei Mei, a Daughter's Song is a harrowing account of her mother's childhood in Taiwan during WWII.  

Her largest three-year project was Crossing East the first Asian American history series on public radio. The eight-hour series ran on more than 230 stations around the country. Through MediaRites, Roberts has also produced the 13-part Legacies: Tales From America and the 3-part Legacies, Faith Hope and Peace series, Sorting Through Shadows, , and The Breast Cancer Monologues.

Currently she is spearheading the MediaRites New Media Training Seminars on digital and audio production taught at MediaRites' office to small groups of adults. The goal is to bridge the digital divide by providing low-cost media training opportunities with careful attention to individual interaction.

Awards and grants include the Peabody, Corporation for Public Broadcasting and the National Endowment for the Arts, the Robert F. Kennedy Journalism award, the Casey Medal, the United Nations Silver award, the Clarion Award, two Heart of America awards, the National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Award, two CPB awards and an AIR award for innovation and excellence.

As a playwright, Roberts stage plays have been produced in Portland theatres such as the Artists Repertory, the Portland Repertory and the Interstate Firehouse Cultural center. Her play Picasso In The Back Seat garnered her the Oregon Book Award. She has also had readings and performances of her plays at the Northwest Asian American Theatre in Seattle, EastWest Players in Los Angeles, Second Generation Productions in NYC and the University of Florida. Roberts has taught acting, creative writing and radio classes throughout Portland.

As the executive producer of MediaRites, she continues her personal mission to create works that bring diverse communities together. Though Roberts was born in Asia and lived there as a child, Oregon has been her home since the age of ten. There she continues to write from a Northwest perspective while working on community and national projects.

"It's important for all voices to be heard. Every culture has something very unique to say, and offering individuals a chance to express their thoughts and feelings in a creative way is an act of empowerment and a contribution to society."

Sara Caswell Kolbet, former Associate Producer and now board secretary.
Currently has returned to full-time academic life and is working on her graduate degree at Pacific University.

Kolbet previously worked with MediaRites for two years, assisting with bookkeeping and secretarial duties as well as writing and production. During that time she also taught English to adults and helped direct a youth musical group. Her major project was the three-year Crossing East radio documentary series in which she was instrumental in producing and co-producing many of the segments in the 8 hours of programming.

Kolbet's background in radio began in college, where she participated in several amateur radio dramas at the Williams College radio station, WCFM. In her senior year she wrote, directed, and produced Simon Squash, Williams PI, a 10-part noir radio drama. After college, she was an intern at WUWM, an NPR-affiliated station in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Kolbet also writes her own songs and has extensive experience in musical arranging and CD production.


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